Radiation Compliance Surveys

SIStec can deliver comprehensive compliance surveys for fixed radiation gauges in Australia. Contact us today to find out more and book your survey and see why so many mining industry clients choose us for their compliance solutions.

Regulatory Radiation Compliance surveys

The Western Australian Radiological council requires all fixed radiation gauges meet compliance in regard to safety and storage. Fixed Radiation Gauges must have a compliance inspection every three years and a contamination wipe analysis completed each year.

SIStec has trained and licenced staff to facilitate in the regulatory compliance requirements for radiation fixed gauges. SIStec are also able to assist in the development of Radiation Safety management plans and Regulatory working rule documentation required for compliance.

In house facilities are available to analyse contamination wipe tests for Cs137 sealed isotopes.

  • Radiation Regulatory Compliance Surveys
  • Radiation auditing and safety checks of fixed industrial gauges
  • Radiation Contamination Wipe Testing and Analysis
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